The beating heart of the company, where highly qualified personnel, experimenting with cutting-edge materials and active ingredients, create increasingly innovative products in both form and performance.

The laboratory is at the complete disposal not only for the creation of complete lines but also for any restyling of existing products.

Samples are accompanied by exhaustive technical data sheets containing product information and characteristics; important notions to be able to create and enrich subsequent sales tools.


By constantly monitoring trends in the sector, which today is extremely dynamic and in need of continual innovation and reinterpretation, Maldy's laboratory sets as its daily, essential priorities:

  • Continuous contact with raw material manufacturers in order to always have the latest innovative active ingredients available at the right time.
  • Participation in trade fairs and conferences to analyse the types of products on the market and new production techniques.
  • Knowing the needs of the end consumer of the product.
  • Knowing the packaging to optimise the formulations aesthetically and practically.
  • Knowing the trends and novelties in related sectors.

Each line or individual product is created by combining the most attractive appearance according to the type of product with the most appropriate packaging.

Each proposal is accompanied by a project where the customer is informed about the formulation characteristics and sales benefits. Once the product has been identified in all its characteristics (appearance, fragrance, colour, viscosity, performance) it is subjected to stability tests to guarantee its quality over time.

All products are formulated taking into account the limits imposed by European legislation.