Maldy Italiana complies with Colipa guidelines, respects Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) and product regulations ( GLP ) guaranteeing peace of mind and protection for the customer and consequently the end consumer.


All incoming raw materials are checked:  

  1. Checks that each raw material is accompanied by its technical data sheet, safety data sheet and toxicological data. For each batch of raw material, check that there is the relevant certificate of chemical-physical analysis and microbiological analysis.
  2. Control of the chemical-physical specifications: pH at 20° C (Mettler Ph meter - Toledo) - Viscosity (Brookfield Viscometer) - Specific weight at 20° C (Pycnometer)
  3. Control of the organoleptic characteristics: Physical state (solid, liquid, etc.) - Odour - Colour
    The parameters measured must be within the specification ranges indicated in the data sheets of each raw material.

All machines undergo regular maintenance to ensure maximum production efficiency.
Regular sanitisation between production runs on all production equipment prevents the risk of microbiological contamination of products.
By unloading the product, only after the inspection that verifies the organoleptic and chemical-physical parameters defined by the technical specifications, the continuity of product characteristics from one batch to the next is guaranteed.


After microbiological analyses on the finished product before filling and on the packaged product to check for possible contamination from the container, the product is placed on the market.
Control of total aerobic microbial load
It expresses the number of aerobic microorganisms present in one gram of product, which must not exceed 100 C.F.U. ( colony-forming units ) / gram of product.
The procedure involves seeding the plate (by inclusion) and incubating the plate for 3-5 days.
We then count the colonies that have developed and calculate the number of colony-forming units per gram of product.
Checking for pathogenic bacteria: we use an external testing laboratory to carry out this analysis.